West Virginia

United States of America

Population: 27,358


Place From Space

This website was built with Ruby on Rails, Javascript, PostgreSQL, Google Maps API, World Cities Database provided by Simple Maps, HTML & CSS.
It was designed to be used as a fun tool to discover random cities that you might never have known existed. Great to use either at home or in the classroom. Feel free to use the email link below to get in touch and suggest new features.

Maybe you can find your home town, your next holiday destination or discover somewhere new!

You can filter out places on the bottom right of the screen:
  • Town is any place with less than 25,000 residents,
  • City is any place with less than 500,000 residents,
  • Metropolis is any place with less than 50,000,000 residents,
  • All is every place regardless of population.

Click on the globe in the bottom left to randomly find a place.


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